Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3, 2012

Paros,  Greece.   I shot the photo of this painting just a few minutes ago as the sun was setting,
so I believe the painting is better than the photo,  more blue,  less red, by a lot.    Still I'm going to Mykonos tomorrow,  more windmills there,  and I'm not sure about my internet connection for the next four
nights,  wanted to post something from Paros today.

It feels very strange.  The people are wonderful and it is summer here,  beautiful,  but shops
are empty,  restaurants are empty and I'm the only guest in this 15 room hotel,  a hotel on the
water,  I have a terrace room,  my cost is 25 euros a night and that includes breakfast.

I came to Paros from Athens by ferry,  almost a five hour ride,  I just wanted the experience of that,
and so I sat and watched the landscape change and I did this and that and read the newspaper.
One article said that almost a third of the shops operating in the  Athens city center have shut down
since this time one year ago.  "Out of 6,532 businesses,  1,850 have closed for good."    

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